Out with the old sleeve…

Apex rejects 3-4 of every 10 reworks. Why?

  • Delamination
  • End Rings falling off
  • Egg Shaped

In with the new Apex HD Sleeve!

Apex has yet to reject any for a rework. Why?

  • Will never delaminate, because of enhanced composite construction
  • End Rings cannot come off, because they are an integrated part of construction

Note: Durability has increased but sleeve can still be dropped go out of round.

Apex HD SLEEVE is the Lightest Sleeve on the Market!

What is it made of?

  • Industrial Strength Foam – No memory issues, will not bounce, has been tested to 2,000 ft/min 
  • High Quality Aluminum Base 
  • Stainless Steel End Rings – End rings are integrated part of construction, will never come off, will never rust